Why I do Web Marketing for a Living

One of the things I am asked the most is how I got into this line of work.  While most of the story is illustrated on my ‘about‘ page, one of the things I don’t really get to talk about is why I do web marketing for a living.

I began working independently about two years ago, when I saw the opportunities that were out there to help a variety of small business that clearly needed assistance with their web presence but weren’t necessarily in a position to invest thousands of dollars in the services of an agency.  Since then, I’ve had the privilege of working with owners of local restaurants, auto repair shops, a wedding dress designer, medical professionals, several PR and Social Media people, various e-commerce site owners, a manufacturer of custom electrical components, and too many others to list.

While I still enjoy and do occasionally take on projects for larger agencies like Mindscape – which is how I got my start – working with smaller type businesses carries a sense of purpose that is difficult to put into words.  For this reason, I wanted to share a card (along with a nice giftcard to Outback Steakhouse :) ) that I received out of the blue last November from the owners of West Michigan Transmissions, a transmission repair and auto repair shop in Grand Rapids, MI.  Mike and Leslie have been clients since last April or so.


The text reads: “Thanks Mike – For all your efforts and advice you have provided us in mentoring our web related <and then some!> issues. I want you to know that it hasn’t gone unnoticed and is deeply appreciated. Enjoy dinner w/ the fam on us. –Leslie and Michael

While the sentiment is very much appreciated, it also serves as a reminder to myself as to why I do what I do.  It isn’t for the money or even for the freedom of operating a home-based business – it’s for the fact that I get to work with businesses large and small knowing that my services will leave their web presence much stronger and robust than before they hired me.

The occasional steak dinner is a nice bonus though :)

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