A Case of ‘The Mondays’? Not This Guy.

Mar 12, 2014 by


When I worked in retail through the various jobs I held, I remember specifically always looking forward to my days off.  I would look forward to those days before they arrived – sometimes even as early in the week as Monday.  But it wasn’t that I had all these weekend plans I was eager for, no – I just looked forward to not having to go to my job.  I suspect many people working regular jobs today harbor similar feelings.

In a typical weekend, I would spend the latter part of my Sunday beginning the mental preparation required to get to bed at a decent time, so I could get up at the right time Monday morning in order to get to work on time.  Actually when I really look back, every day was like that, only finding a silver lining in the idea that every completed day brought me closer to a day where I wouldn’t have to go at all.

Looking back, it’s painfully apparent that this outlook affected my job performance – and while I think I can state with an absolute certainty than I never did a ‘bad job’ or had a poor attitude in the traditional sense, it clearly affected my job performance and regrettably I did not always do my best.  When you don’t do your best, you might hang on for a while, but you eventually get replaced.  And that’s exactly what happened.

Oh… you hate your job?  Why didn’t you say so?  There’s a support group for that.  It’s called ‘Everybody’, and they meet at the bar. -Drew Carey

Internet memes are ubiquitous given the viral nature of today’s Internet landscape.  Witty quips adorn funny or ironic images and often convey the common sentiment of a healthy disdain for Mondays.  Many people share these on their various social platforms.  But not me.

I work just about every day.  Perhaps once a month a day will occur where I don’t touch the computer, answer an email, pay a bill or perform any of the numerous tasks I deal with throughout the course of my day.  My day usually starts anywhere between 6:30 and 9 am, and ends as late as 12 am or later.  I take many breaks during the day, it isn’t as if I am tethered to my desk for 12+ consecutive hours.  Far from it.  And you know what?  This might sound like a miserable experience to some people.  Some people are content with their 9-5s and simply having a job in general.  But I wouldn’t have any other way.  I wake up in the morning thinking about all the things I need to accomplish for the day, the week and the month, and what that’s going to mean for my clients, my family and myself.  I don’t always spring right out of bed and jump right into things*… and there are days where I’m less than thrilled about getting going on the day’s scheduled tasks.    But in the overall scheme of things, I see people who are absolutely miserable in their employment situations, and I am thankful to be fortunate enough not to be in that situation.

*I don’t have a commute – I work out of my home office.

Above and beyond all of that though, I like what I do.  I really do.  This doesn’t mean it isn’t without challenges of course.  Running a home based business can be quite stressful.  But I don’t spend my non-work time dreading work.  I don’t sit at work counting down the hours and minutes until I don’t have to be working any more.  And for that I am quite grateful.