Hello and thanks for checking out my website.  My name is Mike July, President of MoxieMen Incorporated, a full service digital marketing agency in the great city of Grand Rapids, MI.

11136257_10200300648675418_3796794547915517519_oWhen I’m not busy helping clients be successful with their web marketing endeavors, I like to spend my time collecting and playing guitars, taking in a Grand Rapids Griffins game, giving my kids funny haircuts, shooting pool with my dad, hanging out with the wife and enjoying a cold Founders beer on a Michigan summer day.



11082268_10200273941527756_1129614941433607980_oOther Stuff…

Birthday: February 18

Wife: Angie

Kids: Three: Elizabeth Whilhelmina, Thomas Quinn & Dominick Darwin




In Full Disclosure

Some of the links to various products and services here and on our corporate site are affiliate links – which means that I will receive a commission if someone clicks the link and buys a product.  While I may occasionally post links to products and services that I know nothing about, be assured that if I offer an endorsement or recommendation for a specific product or service, I mean it.  I will NEVER deceptively promote a bad product.  Furthermore, if I find at some point that I’ve unknowingly linked to a poor product or service, I will immediately remove it from my site.