When a Company Goes Above and Beyond…

I want to share a positive customer service experience I had this week.

I bought a guitar on Ebay two days ago and immediately paid for it. The auction included ‘free shipping’. Upon realizing that the estimated delivery date was unfavorable, I called the company to try to arrange for expedited shipping with the intention of paying for the additional costs. This was a whole two hours after I’d completed my end of the transaction.

I called the company which is located in Tennessee only to find out that their driver was already in route to UPS. The receptionist hung up with me to try to catch the driver, which she was able to do. She returned my call some 30 minutes later to report to me that they’d shipped the item UPS two-day – at no extra cost to me. I offered a credit card to cover the expense but they declined.

At about 11 this morning a small package came in the mail from the seller that contained hardware items they’d inadvertently failed to include in the original packaging. It was just a couple pieces of hardware and some allen wrenches – probably weighed less than 2 ounces total. Still they shipped the item USPS next-day at an expense of $23.

I received the guitar tonight – in perfectly new condition as the Ebay listing promised. I’m sharing this simply for the fact that with everyone focusing on the negative stories out there – it’s refreshing that there are people out there who want to provide great service that goes well beyond the bounds of what is reasonable or necessary. If it suits you, like and share this post and give their FB page a ‘like’ as well.


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