So You’re Already an Expert. Now What?

Whether you’re an master auto mechanic, a leading .net programmer or simply a stay at home mom whose raised four kids, you have some area of knowledge that would be valuable to others in some capacity or another.  If you’re looking to establish a presence online in order to share what you know, there are a few things you’re going to need to get lined up before you can jump in cyberspace.  The good news is that the most difficult task has already been completed.

If you’re already an expert at whatever it is that you do, you have already done the hardest part.

Think about it.  Ever see someone in a Youtube video or read someone’s blog and say to yourself ‘I know more than this guy’, or ‘this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about’?  I know you have.  Everyone has encountered a site or a know-it-all person who is all style and no substance.  Those people tend to crack and back-peddle as soon as they’re challenged and their knowledge base is questioned or contradicted.  You know why?  Because bullshit is obvious.

But you’re an expert in your vocation.  You have the knowledge and experience to provide a quality learning experience for anyone who wants to learn what you know.  You don’t have to fake it ’til you make it; you’re the real deal.  All you need to do is get started.

But before you jump in with both feet, there are a few things you should establish in order to manage your online endeavors as swiftly as possible.  Expect one of the most intense learning experiences of your life; the world of the Web is an ever changing organism and many aspects of the online space in which you wish to compete make for a very dynamic environment.  What’s popular today may be an e-wasteland tomorrow.  So for that reason you won’t find any specific advice here – just a simple list of guidelines for establishing yourself as an expert in cyberspace.

  • Choose your medium.  You need to decide the best method for sharing your knowledge.  Writing.  Video.  Podcasting.  Take inventory of what suits you best and go for it.
  • You need a blog (Here is a basic tutorial on how to get yourself a free or paid blogging service).  Even if you don’t consider yourself a ‘blogger’, you still need a central point to showcase your stuff.  Your blog is the central focal point and is your brand.  You need a hub, and a blog is the best medium for that.
  • Begin creating content.  Shoot three or four videos or write a few blog posts and publish them on your blog.  After that you’ll need to establish a blogging schedule to consistently provide new content.
  • After you have a little content, it is now time to begin to create a presence and network with people in your industry who are already prominent.  Identify the influential people by performing searches on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn, as well as the various blogs and forums that are relevant to what you’re trying to do.  Create accounts on the relevant Social Media accounts and reach out.  Participate in the forum discussions and leave meaningful blog comments where appropriate.  This accomplishes two things:  For one, it allows you to see where your target audience is hanging out online.  This also provides successful case studies for you to learn from and reach out to.

Once you’ve been rolling along for a while, you’ll build momentum and establish a following which will snowball – provided you are able to produce great information that is engaging and valuable to your readers.